Free Tour Stockholm

Best places in Stockholm

Stockholm the capital of Sweden is one of the interesting places you can ever be in your lifetime. Perhaps, it is the major political, cultural and media center and much more. Taking a free tour Stockholm city is one of the things that must be on your to-do list this vacation. There are unending attractions in this exciting city. Among them include the Stortorget, The Royal Palace, Church of St. Nicholas and the Royal Chapel and much more. Ideally, there are various benefits and lots of fun you can indulge by taking a 1.5 hour guided free walking tour in Stockholm. Below are some of the attractions that you must not miss in this city.

Church of St. Nicholas

Here, you will not miss the various wedding occasions, funeral, royal coronations and much more. It features a gothic style and a very exciting façade. While at this place, you are assured total comfort and enjoyable, relaxing time. It is simply incredible right from the first glance. It has been decorated with the state-of-the-art techniques. Again, you will also not fail to notice the impressive dragon, statute, and St. George. If a quiet ambient place is all you need, then Church of St. Nicholas will do you best. Travel here and discover the smallest statutes in Stockholm

The Royal Palace

Your free walking tour will not be complete without visiting the Royal Place. There are various concerts going on here with timed marching and movements. It is rich with approximately 1500 rooms all incredibly designed to make this building an awe-inspiring one. It is one pleasant place you can’t just afford to miss out. It is very spacious meaning you can never get bored with congestion.


It is a historical place that filled with charm. It is mostly known as the Old Town of Stockholm. Here, you will meet a lot of tourists from different parts of the world. Moreover, there are many cafes and restaurants offering different kinds of food. It is an ideal place to have a peaceful time and relax. It is one of the best places you can visit in Stockholm. Learn the history of the town of Stockholm by visiting Stortorget.

The Royal Chapel

The Royal Chapel is another well-designed place you cannot miss in the Stockholm Palace. The Church of Sweden owns this place. There are very many golden items you can find at the Royal Chapel. You will be amused by the interior decoration of this place. Besides, there are various breathtaking programs and agendas going in this place. If you are planning on a free walking tour to Stockholm City, then include the Royal Chapel in your list.