Free Walking Tour Stockholm

Things to Do in Stockholm

The City Hall (Stadshuset)

The capital city of Sweden, Stockholm, offers magnificent and scenic attractions, one of which is their City Hall. Located at the water’s edge, it is one of the most iconic buildings in the city. Tourists who visit Stockholm can never miss this as it is topped with 3 golden crowns.

The City Hall opened on Midsummer’s Eve of 1923. Housed there are several government offices and assembly rooms. The Machinery of Civic Democracy also holds office here.

There are different works of art showcased in the entire building. The annual Nobel Banquets are held at the Blue Hall, while the formal ball is held at the Golden Hall, whose walls are adorned with over 18 million mosaics.

Guests can also take a good view of the entire city from its deck.

The City Library

Sweden has a rich culture. When you do free walking tour Stockholm, include this library showcases the country’s unique architecture and style is the City Library. In fact, this is designed by world-renowned architect, Gunnar Asplund and ably showcases Swedish grace. Because it is considered as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, not just for its amazing interiors and facades, but also with the many books one can dig in inside.