The Shopping Tour in Stockholm

Things to Do in Stockholm


Aside from beautiful parks, museums, libraries, and structures, a free tour Stockholm package still has other places included. One such place is the most inclusive district in the city, Ostermalm. This is a shopping haven, especially for travelers who enjoy purchasing branded clothes, shoes, etc.

Along the stretch of Biblioteksagatan are a variety of flagship shops and designer boutiques. There are posh shops along the stretch of Sturekeplan, as well.

For art and interior design enthusiasts, there are awesome art pieces and interior design showcase at Svenskt Tenn and Malmstenbutiken. For tourists looking for antique pieces to purchase, they can visit Kommendörsgatan.

For a taste of the best Swedish fresh produce, visitors can head to Ostermalamshallen.

The Mall of Scandinavia

When you visit Stockholm, check out the largest modern shopping mall in the country. The Mall of Scandinavia is a modern structure where tourists get to see what Stockholm and Scandinavia has to offer. All-in-all, it has 224 stores to explore. The numerous restaurants to choose from will definitely satisfy any hungry palate.

This is the only mall in Sweden that offers a different viewing pleasure, with the IMAX Cinema.

This mall which offers shopping, food, and entertainment is just 7 minutes away from the Stockholm Central Station.  It is now listed in tripadvisor Stockholm.