The Tours of Stockholm

Things to Do in Stockholm


Royal National City Park

The Royal National City Park is a green space spanning 6 miles, snaking and surrounding this capital city of Sweden. This is the world’s first national urban park, and always part of any free tour Stockholm packages.

Inside the city park’s forest is a collection of different kinds of animals, including foxes, moose, and deer. There is also a collection of rare birds.

This urban park boasts of castles, museums, castle, sports facilities, hotels, and historic homes.

This is a destination for nature-lovers, a good place to see when you visit Stockholm. The park’s wilderness area has centuries old oak trees, canals, lakes, streams, bays, marshes, secluded swimming pools, and rocky hilltops, which are popular for hikers.

Boat Sightseeing

The sea flows through the city and during the summer months, boats of different shapes and sizes course through the whole of Stockholm. Many city dwellers have houses right on the Skärgården (or archipelago) to spend the weekends or the whole summer there.

Every Friday night, the island comes alive with music and other shows.

Tourists are treated to boat trips under the bridges. The Royal Canal Tour is popular among visitors because they can take a peek at the grand history of not just the city, but of Sweden.