Things to Do in Stockholm

Things to Do in Stockholm


Gamla Stan (The Old Town)

Built in the 1200’s, a visit to Gamla Stan transports tourists to the Medieval times. Guests get to navigate through a labyrinth of tiny, winding streets. This must-see attraction is the first stop for most tourists, as it is packed with interesting sights, restaurants, cafes, and shops. Marvel at the picturesque facades, explore mysterious vaults, and check out ancient frescoes.

Not to be missed if you do free tour Stockholm in the winter is the Christmas Market along the stretch of Julmarkand. It’s a street full of different products, some at bargain prices. Tourists get to choose from a wide array of goods and enjoy a fairytale experience.

The Old Town is also home to the Stockholm Cathedral, The Royal Palace, and Nobel Museum.

The Stockholm Cathedral

This popular medieval cathedral was built in 1279. Tourists will be amazed at all the unique objects in the cathedral, like St. George and the Dragon sculpture, which was built in 1489. The Legendary Vädersoltavlan, built in 1535; the Joseph and Mary sculpture of Lena Lervir are also in the cathedral.

T.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel exchanged “I dos” on June 9, 2010 at this Lutheran Church.

These two places should be in every tourist’s itinerary when they visit Stockholm.