TripAdvisor Stockholm-Långholmen

Långholmen: From Dreaded Prison to Beloved Museum

Långholmen is an idyllic place with a rich history. And while it is often a chosen spot for recreation today – picnics, swimming, and the like – it wasn’t always this way. Back in the 18th century and until only recently (1974), it was a prison island. It was very barren and rocky then.
Whenever the prisoners went out to breathe in fresh air and stretch their legs, they unknowingly covered the surface of the island with the mud that they carried with them on their shoes from the waterways nearby. With this process repeated for many years, the prison was transformed into an island with the most fertile soils, lush gardens, and exotic flora. Different kinds of plant life were also spread via merchant ships and trade ships which passed the island.
Over time, it was converted into a famous hostel and museum – but you can still feel and experience the peculiarity that hails from its colorful history.
The island houses the Mälaren Yard (Mälarvarvet), too – one of the oldest shipyards in all of Stockholm. You can also find a humble Bellman museum here. Enjoy the magnificent view of the island from the east, showing Gamla Stan and Riddarfjärden.
Other facilities today include open-air stages, a beautiful garden area, lovely beaches, and charming buildings. You can experience all of this the next time you tour Stockholm.

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