Visit Stockholm-The Royal Palace

Things to Do in Stockholm

When you check out tripadvisor Stockholm, you’ll find a list of attractions to go to.

Sverige’s Kungahus (The Royal Palace)

Found at The Old Town, The Royal Palace is an 18th century, Baroque-style palace that is the official residence of the King of Sweden. It is the largest in Europe, with 600 rooms and 5 museums. The throne of the former Queen Kristina is in one of the museums in the palace.

Must-see areas include The Armory, the Museum of Antiquities, The Three Crowns (The Kronor) Museum, and the Treasury.

Tourists who visit Stockholm can also witness the changing of the palace guards.

The Drottingholm Palace

One of the best-preserved structures in Sweden, The Drottingholm Palace is the permanent resident of the royal family. It was declared as one of the three World Heritage Sites of Stockholm by UNESCO in 1981.

During her reign in the 17th century, Queen Hedvig Eleonora commissioned architect Nicodemus Tesstin, The Elder. It was based on a French prototype.

The big Baroque Garden is found within the palace. Also in the area is the Drottingholm Palace Theater, the best preserved 18th century theater in Europe and the only theater still using the original stage machinery regularly.

To free tour Stockholm is not complete without visiting these 2 places.