Visit Stockholm

A Visit to The Royal Palace in Stockholm

The Royal Palace is one of the biggest palaces in all of Europe. With more than 600 rooms, it is fit to be the official home of the King of Sweden. Without a doubt, this royal attraction is one of the most popular reasons to tour Stockholm.
The Royal Palace is full of attractions to see and things to do. There are five exceptional museums here, so tourists will surely have a lot of ground to cover. It is open to the public all year long.
Boasting an elegant Italian Baroque style of architecture, the Palace has been standing proud since its construction in the 18th century. It was erected on the spot where the famous Tre Konor burned down back in 1697. In honor of this, the Palace serves as the home of the Tre Knonor Museum.
Tourists can check out the beautiful interiors of the reception rooms, which feature designs and ornate decorations from the 18th and 19th centuries. You can also marvel at the Hall of State (Rikssalen) which houses the silver throne of Queen Kristina – or you can head to the Halls of the Orders of Chivalry (Ordenssalarna) for some knight-ly inspiration. Other museums include The Treasury and the Museum of Antiquities of Gustav III.
If you’re up for a historical vacation, visit Stockholm and experience the royalty of these attractions.